The Government Reinventors Blog is hosted by The Public Strategies Group (PSG). We’ve created this forum to share ideas – not just our own – yours too – about ways to get better results from our government institutions. We’ve been practicing and pondering government reinvention since 1991. Here’s a little more about who we are:


Architects of results-based government. The Public Strategies Group empowers public organizations to transform the way they work from the inside out. PSG partners are veteran public servants with diverse perspectives and firsthand experience gained from a lifetime in the public sector. Our team has helped hundreds of courageous government leaders create and navigate change, from the city level to the cabinet level, across the U.S. and abroad.

Consulting that breaks with convention.
PSG is reinventing the role of the public-sector consultant, from how we work to how we’re paid. We become trusted advisors, providing the support you need to enact meaningful change—with a level of hands-on involvement most consultants simply can’t offer. Our compensation is tied to performance, a results-based approach we bring to our clients’ projects and to our own.

Creative partnership for courageous leaders. There is no formula for the change we help create. We apply all our talent and resources to understanding your unique situation. Then we work to uncover opportunities for improvement at every level, from aligning your budget with results, to reshaping your culture, to finding creative ways to make you more responsive to customers’ needs.

Thought leadership in action. Our firm is founded on the belief that government can deliver the results people want at a price they are willing to pay. If this idea is familiar, it’s because PSG has led the push for government redesign since day one. Our writings, speeches and seminars have become the foundation of a movement. And the implications are profound: elevating the quality and reputation of our institutions and, in turn, the satisfaction of all who depend on them.

To learn more about the Public Strategies Group, please contact Tom Moss, Chief Operating Officer Tom@psg.us, (651) 227-9774 or visit our website at http://www.psg.us.

2 responses to “About

  1. Welcome to the blogging community! I look forward to using this forum for exchanging ideas about reinventing government and organizational effectiveness.

  2. Does anyone know of creative or innovative ways to reward employees for merit and/or results? In San Diego County, we have a Quality First program in which staff are organized by “performance group” or unit and receiving a bonus for achieving a variety of performance goals. However, this is difficult to administer, so we are looking for alternative ideas.

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